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In 2002 I started clay modelling after experiencing the loss of someone close, resulting in the three objects below;

" Losing - Sharing and Holding" were the start of developing my modelling skills. 






2002 Losing 02.jpeg
2004 Sharing 1.jpeg

By joining an art group I developed my modeling and shaping skills further, as one can see in my work.

I'm largely self-teaching and working with different sorts of material and techniques to create abstract objects.

Important inspirations are Theo van de Werf, sculptor, who has an incredible sense of form and lines. Friedus van den Elsen, experimental kiln techniques, showed me the power of color and kiln techniques. Peter van den Broek encouraged me to create sculptures, where object and stand form a unity. Some pieces were inspired by artists such as Barbera Hepworth, Escher, Mondriaan, Rietveld.


Art on location
Vondellaan 49

5421 PN Gemert

November 2020 until 31 januari 2021

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